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I love the smell of my cum
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Everytime I masturbate I let my cum dry on my penis and boxers. Sometimes I sniff the cum stains on my boxers if its still wet when I take them off.
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Comments (10)
I love the smell of my cum too, wet though not dry
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I really enjoy the smell of mine. There's a sweet musk to it that really turns me on. But don't let it linger for hours on end - it can get really rancid if you let it.
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Love it! Sometimes i jack off several times in the same boxers....mmmmm
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I decided to register just so I could post. I'm a 100% straight male but it's amazing how much I'm drawn to the smell of my own cum. I've sniffed my boxers too, and after I finish beating off I always sniff the remnants on my hands. Dunno why, but it smells so fresh and clean.
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Nothing is normal but everything is you, i do that to but it smells like faint wet flour when set and like sweet sugar candy when dry, the longer the sweeter, its "normal" man :)
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I love the smell of my cum all males do its a sign of loving and being at one with yourself. Love cum for life.
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Dude how can yall love the smell of your
Own nut juice huh? That stuff smells like
Clorox on a wet dish washing cloth.
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the smell and taste of your cum depeds from waht you eat,
to make cum taste sweet you should eat many pineapples. just google about it! :)
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gotta agree with jojo on this one, never have i smelled my cum let alone sit in amazement of the smell, you guys are weird
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I like the smell of my cum alot. I have a pillow case i cum on and let it dry
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