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I love to masterbate
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I masterbate 10 times a day. How many times do you masterbate?
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about 300
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Every single fucking person here spells it with an e: It is spelled mast u rbate fuckwads. As far as an answer, when I was 15 I did it 17 times; my personal record, but now-days nutting 3 times is pretty good. So I guess it depends on how old you are.
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Masturbating is "Old School" The male G-Spot is 7 centimeters inside the anus and to the front. By Placing a 9-Volt battery there the small current will stimulate this area and cause a "Perpetual Orgasm" The testicles become Hyper-Envigorated and will produce 20X the "Normal" Amount. With practice you can cum for about 4 HRS steady before recharge.
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there e many obstaces. The major one being opportunity, time, location! The more they come into play the better the work ....Wish I could do it mornin, noo, and2
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nothing but a bunch of idiots.What crap is this 10 ..300!!! times a day gr8 i guess u guys might have the longest strech gums.
ha ha ha....
fuck uy all
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