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I love to suck on my sister toes when she''s asleep
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After my sis is done taking a shower and fall asleep i sneak to her room and suck on all ten of her juicy toes, Yes you could say that a have a big problem for foot fetishs. I have never tried touching her breast or pussy but i plan to soon...
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Comments (12)
stick with the feet don`t go no further
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It's bad enough you do that to her toes without her knowing but planning to touch her intimate areas is plain evil.

If you actually do that, you'll be in effect commiting rape which I'm sure you know is a serious crime.

Seek some help and leave your poor sister alone.
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man that so wrong and deviant! go find a girl and let your sister sleep
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That is so fucked up
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That's wrong
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i like da feet
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Me too I have always wonder if white girls love to get there toes sucked?
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Incest is illegal, you know.....
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you're crossing some bad territory there my friend. Keep away from family.
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It's ok I suck my sister toes every time she love it my sister come over to my house just for I can suck her toes because her husband don't suck her toes so she comes to me I love to suck my sister toes she lets me cum on them
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Fucking psycho!!! Get dead!
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Are you a dude or a chick? Ill except it if its girl on girls action but if your a dude your fucked in the head!!
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