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I masterbate in the shower
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When ever i see this cute boy at school i want to masterbate i dont know why so when ever i go home i hop in the shower and masterbate with the showerhead he is so hot!
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Comments (7)
ok, thats really cool
guys do it too
at least i do

there is nothing at all with girls masturbating

they just arnt as open about it
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It's perfectly normal to wank off in the shower, I do it all the time. But I've never heard of anyone using the showerhead! I'm guessing it's one of those detachale ones, so you can just take it and stick it up your....
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I agree exactly with person above. Well you don't do it in school so your not absoloutely crazy about it, so your normal
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Why don't you ask him to screw you?
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To anonymous dont you know anything. She uses the showerhead to direct streams of water over her clit you dumb fuck
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do u hang from the shower head?
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liza is that you
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