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I masturbated to one of my boyfriends friend....IIN?
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So I have been officially going out with my boyfriend for six months now. I am head over heals in love with him. We are pretty much best friends. One of the things that we both do a lot, is masturbate, whether its over the phone, or video chatting or just by our selves. We find it healthy and it keeps the relationship pretty hot. Anyway I usually get off thinking of my boyfriend, but the past acouple of times i ended up picturing one of his really cute guy frinds. After finishing I felt horrible, as if I cheated. The thing is, I would never do this in reality. I suppose its just a fantasy, but still. Well anyway I actually did tell him i got off to his friend and he told me he got off to another girl so at first i figured okay so we are even. However i continued to masurbate to his friend here and there.oy. I just want to know if this is normal...the majority of the time its my boyfriend...because hes my boyfriend and i love him
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Freud, the psychologist said that when two people have sex, there are four people in the bed - the other two are the ones that the man and woman are fantasising about.
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I think that it is very normal for you to think about his friend while you are masturbating.Its not wrong for you to feel this way.You are completely normal and that you have a healthy sex drive.You should get in touch with your sexuality and celebrate your sensuality.You probably have a great orgasm thinking about him inside you,fucking you the way you want and need to be fucked.Its ok for you to have needs,wants and desires.You may think about sharing this with your boyfriend while you are fucking him.If you approch this the right way with your boyfriend he may suprise you and think that it would be a real turn on to wait for you while you have sex with his friend and then go to him and have sex with him while you tell him what happened.Honesty is the key to making this work.your boyfriend needs to feel secure that you love him and only him and that this is only about the sex and nothing else.He has thought about your friends while masturbating.that is very normal.It doesn't mean he wants to love one of your friends he is curious about what it would be like to have sex with one or more of your friends just as you wonder what the sex would be like with his friend.I applaud you for being honest with your self.Your orgasms with his friend would probably be extremely intense knowing that your boyfriend was thinking about you fucking his friend and masturbating while thinking about it.Waiting for you to come back and have sex with him right after fucking his friend.Best of luck to you.This could turn out really good for both of you.
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this made me feel sooo much better. I couldnt really tell anyone of my friends because they actually dont touch them selves(which i think is just redic) anyway i talked to my boyfriend and he was okay with it as long as he knows its just about the sex. Unfortunitly he told me i dont have any hot friends thats he can jack off too....guess i should start making some. I feel a lot better knowing that this is a common thing and peopl tend to think about others to increase sexual pleasure
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He has probably done the same about your friends. That doesn't make it right, and if you feel guilty then don't do it again. All you can do is make sure that it doesn't happen again.

Maybe you could tell him about it, he probably won't get mad, but that is a bit of a risk. Men normally have a different attutude to things like that. He won't be as hurt by it as you would be if he did the same as you did, because he won't thing of it as cheating in the way that you do.
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