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I nee help ,,,,,,
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Hey, i'am an immigrant how moved to the states around 5 years ago now i'am married to lovely woman and i blessed with having a beautiful daughter (thank god) .i have a bachelor degree from the country i'am from in computer and management but i don't like studying computer or management,lol ( u dont actually choose what u want to study from where i came from, or its not as easy as here) , so long story short i'am asking you guys who lived here in the states or from here , what is the best deploma i should take from here to make my self a nice future carrier , in any thing that could get me a nice jop right after i finish i could push my self in 1 or 2 years programe not matter how expensive it'll be as long as i'll work and get paid right after i finesh i just can't go to a 4 years college becaouse it will be to hard with work and having a family specially i lived in a very expensive city and i pearly can afford my rent and bills
Thank you :)
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A bachelor's degree in computer and management can get you to the door at any number of places, but to get through that door you need to work on your communication.

Focus on your speech and writing of the English language. It was difficult to understand your post.
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1. Learn Javascript, SQL, and Node.js to do web programming.

2. If that doesn't work out, become a Wind Turbine Repair Man.
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How about English?
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i agree with felixy, though i don't think your english is that bad, your grammar is pretty good but you should probably study a bit and learn more vocabulary.

on your main worry, it really depends on what sort of job you would like to do or be interested in.
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