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I never want to leave the house. Is something wrong with me? IIN?
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I don't know where to start, but I guess the problem is I never want to go anywhere or do anything... I don't feel depressed, or lonely or anything like that. I simply hate going anywhere, even if it's on a date, or to the mall, or to the beach with my friends. I make up excuses so people will think I'm busy. I get panic attacks when I go out, but never at home. I realize I'm wasting my life, I'm 25 and I should be out having fun... I always think that events sound fun, as long as they're tomorrow or the next day or next week, but as soon as it comes down to actually going, I always want to cancel. I haven't left my house in three days, and I'm in my pajamas at 5 PM... I've been working over the computer and making money doing graphic design remotely, but I think I'm getting worse. I had a demanding job up until a month ago, and a boyfriend of 6 years up until about the same time... Since then I have just wanted to stay home and do nothing, I don't want to get fat or lazy or boring, but I just have no desire to leave the house, and it seems when I leave now, I start to feel sick, get headaches and feel nauseous... I guess it's because I don't feel comfortable outside and I probably don't breathe enough when I'm nervous or something. I was on antidepressants for 8 years for Anxiety disorder, and went off a few years ago, I thought I was better but maybe I'm not... Does anyone else feel like this? Strange exception to this rule, while I hate crowded restaurants and anyplace that smells like food, I like crowds like at amusement parks, fairs and raves... I feel comfortable there. But a quiet dinner with friends? I feel like everyone's watching me and I can't wait to leave. :( I guess I'm a freak.
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I used to be like that. It took me awhile to actually get used to going places again. Every time I went somewhere I would feel sick and light headed. Like everyone was watching me. Take baby steps. Take 10 minutes outside each day, just for a walk around the block. The more you get used to being outside the more places you can go, like the mall. Overcoming this will have its good and bad days. Make sure that while you're out to keep yourself busy. Don't give yourself time to think, Occupy your mind. I like going to places like Dechoes and Platos closet, there are so many interesting things there you wont be thinking about people looking at you, you'll be thinking about how interesting and non-expensive this awesome stuff is. Also, places like those have people that aren't exactly average. No snobby people. Everyone is down to earth. Just realize that what you are going through is just a perception, a habit formed over time. It CAN be solved.
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It feel better knowing others are like me...
I don't like to go anywhere....
I do believe its depression though...
I also have low self worth due to years of abuse
I love my laptop...but i'm on it most of the day
I do however want to go out and have fun
I need money to get a personal makeover, then I'll feel better to go somewhere.
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I literally have a mental rolodex of excuses I tell people to get out of doing things. I always agree to hang out, go to dinner, or go for drinks a day or two in advance, but when it comes I just want to stay at home in sweatpants and relax. My sister is the same way. I just don't like dealing with people and forcing conversations. It's just nice to stay in.
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Thank Goodness, kind of. Ive become like that, sometimes I don't leave my house for weeks at a time, unless I go outside to work in the yard or do repair & maint on the out side of the house. As long as I stay in "my little world" I am fine. Some days are worse than others, there have been a few times that going to Walgreens caused me so much anxiety that when I got into the car I couldnt remember how to drive. The Walgreens pharmacist ran my meds by on his way to lunch. Fortunatly there have only been a few of those days. Mostly I am perfectly content working on remodeling projects and talking to my wiener dogs. I only start stressing about it when someone gets on my case about it. I have lived with my guy for 8 years and for the most part he accepts it, but every now and then he'll get really angry about it. When he does I will "find" a major project that just HAS to be done, so that I have some justification. Last time I completly gutted the laundry room, so I could remodel & update it...Of course I couldn't go anywhere until the laundry room is done. After all, we do need clean clothes. Isn't that pathetic. My Dr gave me some pills but I can't tell any difference - I Know I need to get some help or something, (it only gets worse as time goes by) but I just don't know what or where to begin. The more I fret or dwell on it the worse it seems. Any advice??
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It's New Year's Eve right now and I was at a family friends house. I hated it. I just got a stomach ache and my mom took me home. I don't know how to over come this. I hate getting out of my little world my comfortable world. I think what we need to do is to go out no matter what. We don't always need to know everyone and feel at home. Sometimes we can observe and be a part of a group that way. The more uncomfortable situations we put ourselves in the more we will get out of it and learn how to be comfortable where ever we go.
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It sounds like low confidence. Do you have a fear of being judge more than you normally would be? I would see a counselor, just even one session to see if you feel better.
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i feel the same like youu i don't know what wrong with mee... i don't want going inside only on summer ...i love staying at home talk with my internet friends they are so much cool then my real frinds (my felling)
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You should get therapy if it is affecting your work or life in general. If not then don't worry, with today's technology you really don't have to leave the house unless you want to.
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Whoa. I just read what was written here and it's my entire life story. I don't have any advice but just so you know, none of y'all are freaks.
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I have this same problem. It is not that I am afraid or anything like that. I just don't like to go anywhere. I make plans, and when the time comes, I send my family and tell them I will catch up, but I never do go to meet up with them. My whole family is sick and tired of it, as it has been going on now for almost 10 years. My husband of 27 years, left me 9 months ago, because he was tired of doing everything by himself. I started see someone a couple months ago and informed him ahead of time of my problem. He just said, oh that 's because your ex was a jerk and you were depressed. From the beginning, he saw that I didn't like leaving the house, and now it has become a real problem. I do not know what is wrong with me. I AM a very outgoing person. Never do I meet a stranger. Always can find something to talk about to anyone, even people I just meet. This can even be someone at Walmart that I just met, I can stand and talk for 2 or 3 hours. I sure wish I could figure this problem out. I am so bad, that I even found a reason not to go on vacation to the Bahamas. I will start picking a fight, just so I can say, well forget it, you just go without me, I don't need this from all of you. I must add one more thing: I am ALWAYS late. That is if I do make it somewhere, I can never get anywhere on time. I miss doctors appointments, teacher -meetings, graduations, was late for own wedding!! I used to make my children almost sick anytime we were going to any events (basketball, softball, tennis, swimming). We were always late. They hated it. Now, my youngest daughter, has become ME!!! She hates it. I must say though, I hate it the most, that I have taught her this. Someone please direct me where I may go for HELP. I know I have a PROBLEM!!
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It's because you have social anxiety. If you can convince yourself that you're worthless, are more of a liability than an asset in this world, and no one will care if you die in a car crash tomorrow (except maybe your family), then it becomes a lot easier to accept the fact that nothing you do really matters and get comfortable with being different.
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Yeah, i know the feeling i wish i could leave the house if i lived alone!. but being locked up for 6 years never talking to anyone your age but you sister (i am going crazy!). we live in a tiny 500 sq feet house with 8 people.(i feel like i have been grounded for my life!)
I'm 17 and don't have my drivers license! my mom is so cheap she doesn't even what to spend 2grand on a car that she likes better then me. so being locked up for so! long, i have gave up, i don't even want to be a normal teen, all i my they keep saying is we love you to much to let you go into the world or your to young.
it's making me go crazy, i really don't want to be crazy like the rest of my famliy but i am getting closer and closer
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