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I painted a naked man...
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A few years ago, I painted a naked man. It wasn't my best work or anything, but it's pretty proportionate and somewhat realistic. But the thing is, when I show the painting to people everyone goes right to the penis. "That's a funny looking penis!", they say. Peers, family, co-workers. They always laugh at his penis. And what's worse is I don't see anything wrong with it. Is it normal?
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Was it curly?
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Now how would we know when we haven't seen the painting????
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Learn how to draw penises better.
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Maybe they are calling you a penis indirectly.
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Its totally normal. I'm an art major, and it was a requirement that everyone took figure drawing, which involved nude models. One model was an old man, and his just looked like a little ball, and that's how we drew it. No one ever thought twice about it. In fact, our teacher never really graded on whether or not we drew the genitals. He was more interested in proportions.
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