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I pee when sleep walking.IIN?
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There comes a time in every kids life when they start wetting there beds,because they were peeing in their dreams.For me,being a teenager,i don't wet beds.Every night,somewhere around Midnight, i wake up,come out of my room, squat down in the middle of the hallway or staircase,And start peeing.I only get the carpeted floor wet,but no clothes, because i dont wear any clothes to bed.My dad said he saw me a few times but didn't want to frighten me so he let me be.
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Comments (7)
Scared or not if you did that in my house I'd throw something at you. You should wear clothes and an adult diaper then be strapped to bed.

Seriously, I'd wake your ass up by screaming in your face then make you clean up your damn mess.

Maybe you can't help the sleep walking, but it's really unsanitary that you walk around naked and urinating everywhere. I bet you don't sleep wipe or wash your hands in your sleep, huh?

You need to see a doctor, and have a sleep study done. Whether or not you can help it what you're doing it very unsanitary and disrespectful of the other people in your house. If you don't put some damn clothes on and get some medical attention then I hope you trip, fall and hurt yourself! It's not normal!

I personally think you're trolling, because not everyone has a time in their lives where they piss the bed every night. I bet you're just another 50 year old troll man who lives alone in his mother's basement, watching too much porn, eating junk food, masturbating and spreading drivel about your quasi incestuous nudity in front of family and bodily function fetish.
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is your reply for real?
such an insensitive post I have never read!
this person has a serious and possibly dangerous medical condition - sleep walking. The urinating is by far less serious and absolutely not dangerous
Even an idiot knows a sleep walker should not be disturbed!
This person needs the help of a professional. to help with the sleep walking. The urinating (which you seem so concerned about for some reason) while sleep walking will then , obviously, stop.
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I never said OP ought not to seek out medical attention, in fact the opposite is true, but I certainly think OP ought to start wearing night clothes and possibly an adult diaper. Of course OP needs medical attention, a sleep study to be more precise, but OP also ought to be responsible for cleaning up the piss first thing in the morning!

Yeah, and insensitive or not I'd still probably throw something at a naked sleepwalker if said sleepwalker were doing so within the confines of my abode. Furthermore if I ever found an intruder to be such a sleepwalker in my home I would not only throw something, but throw two heavy objects. I'd throw one heavy thing at the intruder's head and another heavy and preferably sharp household object at said intruder's offending urinary organs. It's not uncommon for a sleepwalk to leave his or her home, go about in public and intrude upon the residences of others, and I for one am not going to take it Goddamnit!

Honestly, I still think OP is a troll anyway.
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hope you never had children with medical problems
As for intruder sleep walkers I find a simple trick usually prevents that happening. It's called LOCKING YOUR DOOR! at night
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Yep, I lock my door. Regardless I don't need naked piss walkers spraying the house at night! OP needs medical attention yes, but OP is also in dire need of clothing, and adult diapers if this is a nightly occurrence.

I personally believe OP is not an incontinent, teenage nudist, nor is OP a female. I assert that OP is a degenerate man, perhaps in his fifties, who is making an attempt to be funny or share some lame quasi incest piss fetish fantasy. I personally think it would be funny as Hell to wake up a sleeping piss walker with a flying boot to the head. It would serve her right for being naked when she knows she has a problem with the sprinkler system. She needs to put on some clothes and a muthafuckin adult diaper!

First thing is first I wouldn't allow nudism especially for a sleepwalking serial urinator in my house. I'd get the child medical attention, but no lurking around the house naked in my house, she can do that when she moves out. It would be my house and my rules.

... but seriously, we are most likely arguing over nothing, because OP is probably just a troll, and not even female. Cudos to the troll for inciting your indignant attitude about my problem solving strategies!
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I wasn't arguing, infact after my last post the conversation ended. I did skim your reply out of respect for you bothering to write it

One thing though if the troll was an 18 year old freak troll would that offend you or make him less weird?
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wear an adult diaper.
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