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I pooped my pants
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Hi all I had been sick with stomach bug and headaches,so took a few days of school. I felt alot better so went back,anyhow in science class what ever chemical it was made me sneeze. but with this sneeze,came an almighty gastric poo which running down my legs and stinking the classroom out. all the boys are laughing at me and now I have become miss poopypants,they wont let up the teachers wont do anything ,I think I am becoming seriously depressed and starting to have bad thoughts.i hate myself.
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Don't worry about it too much. It's normal to have an embarrassing moment or two in school. Most everyone gets stomach bugs at some point and winds up throwing up or having diarrhea. They might be laughing at it, but it's not like the've never had to run to a bathroom or something. People will probably mostly forget about it after a while and the less annoyed or embarrassed you seem about it, the quicker they will forget about it.

I feel bad for you. I mean that must not feel good especially if people are making comments, but it's nothing worth having bad thoughts over.
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Every body gets sick but school boys and girls are so immature I can guarantee you are not the first and certainly not the last I have done it myself exactly the same gastric flu I was driving my car at the time
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You'll always be known as the person who crapped their pants in class. I say you own it and make it your thing. Crap your pants once a week or whenever you feel the need. Your only alternative is to go on a shooting rampage.
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Shit happens.
Don't worry about it.
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bathroom shower noose
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@: xfg39
In that order?
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Don't worry... Before you know it they won't even remember the incident ...
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Laughing about it yourself should disarm their cruelty to some degree. Kids tend to pick on things they think other kids are sensitive to. If they're having no effect they should get bored and move on.
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school kids are genuinely very immature, the boys can act downright retarded. eventually the teasing will die down, at the moment it's best you act like you don't give a fuck because if you act sensitive it'll just lead to more bullying. don't react at all when they do this, ignore them completely. never show weakness
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How old are you ?
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That must have been really embarrassing for you: if you can turn it into a funny story and laugh about it, which might take some time, that would defuse their teasing.

I pooped my pants in primary school at the age of 4 and never lived it down until I went to secondary school where hardly anyone knew me but I reckon if I went to a primary school renunion some people would still call me by the poopy nickname I carried all through primary school.
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well you can forget about ever getting a date now.
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It's totally normal that you pooped your pants, but I'm not gonna sit here and tell you that everyone is going to forget that. Honestly, that's probably something people will remember about you forever. You might want to ask your parents to switch you over to a different school. Kids are mean, especially during and before HS. Sorry that happened to you though, I know it seriously sucks.
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Awwwe, sorry that hear about your digestive traumas. Personally been there myself too, amd it was in high school back when that happened, so I took nearly as much crap from the football team right in line with you...
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Ha ha poopy pants poopy pants
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And you're really an old man beating off as you post.
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Dude it's fine you can't control it
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Its normal but most people don't admit to it.

Un until I was 12 I did it in my underwear at leats twice a week so for me going home with soiled underwear was perfectly normal
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