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I really wish I was Italian, is that weird?
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I'm proud of being German and I was lucky to be born in one of the most developed countries, but I think Italy is something else. My parents made my wish come true and took me to Italy last summer, and really, that country looks like a giant Paris, everything about Italy is cool: beautiful language ( German sounds harsh and not romantic at all ), beautiful places and landscapes, great fashion brands etc! Oh and food. And most guys are hot af there, there was this guy at the beach who spoke some English, we got to know each other, I secretly met him at the beach at night and we had sex, even though he was 19 and I was (almost) 16. Lol.
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You and me both... I just love the place, and seriously wanna go there. Fucking Scotland. Ugh kmn. I love Italy too lol...
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I don't blame you at all, Italy does have a unique charm and if I were Italian I would probably have a hoard of old family recipes that I could use to seduce people, or better yet eat for myself.
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Bruh I'm a German-Italian Lol but it's pretty normal considering I'm an American so.
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I'd love to be Italian too, I'm Canadian and I don't have much to be proud of lol.
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