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I respect all gods but follow none...
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In that I mean I respect everyone's belief but I don't particularly follow any of them.

Of course beliefs that involve harming other humans for any reason are out of the question and total garbage to me.

I used to hope when I was young that after death there was nothingness because I didn't want to picture living eternally in any form.

Now that I've matured I just hope for an afterlife where I can be with my loved ones. I pray to God sometimes, not a specific one.

I do not discriminate, hate or any of that. I just hope a good god is out there to give me more than 100 years. I think secretly that is what we all aim for, we just have different visions of afterlife and heaven.
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There's nothing after you die. Your brain is a chunk of meat that rots away when you don't freeze or eat it.
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I hope there are animals in Heaven!
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You're agnostic, which is perfectly okay.

You don't have to choose a specific religion to respect God/Gods, but simply understanding that there's an existence beyond your comprehension and respecting that as well as those around you are enough to live a good life (that and hard work toward your goals of course).

I'm sorry you have people here rudely trying to persuade you to their religion even though you didn't ask.
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I don't believe in any form of religion but will never judge anyone's religious beliefs to me religion is a very good excuse to start a war
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You should check out this website it'll answer questions you have about God.

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You should check out the website Jw. Org official website. It will answer some questions you have about God, or religion in general. I promise. Check it out
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I recommend if you wish to live in paradise after death.
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@: Goku19
Oh no, i missed l by mistake it is
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