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I rub\ lightly scratch my girlfriends belly when i kiss her
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Recently I have been kissing my girlfriend more passionately and meaningfully as we sit in the shade at the park, or on her couch watching a movie. and when we do so I like to rub her belly, and kinda lightly scratch it while we are kissing. or even when we are just cuddling. She said she doesn't mind, and thinks it's kinda cute. and she has a really cute belly honestly. but I was just wondering if this was normal to do. Yeah I'm pretty sure I have a belly fetish, and I kinda talk to her about it, and I tell her she has a cute belly too. :) IS this normal?
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Ok so I'm commenting again. I totally did that when I kissed my girlfriend the other day....loved it hahaha! Thanks!
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Totally normal...we all have our "weird" likes. I think it's pretty cute haha.
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yea bro it's normal I do that with my gf,or a
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That sounds really cute...
Now I want my boyfriend to do that.
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Sounds normal and fun
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Totally normal, everyone has different fetish
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Totally normal. My bf does this and I love it. Its even become a comfort thing with me and sometimes if i'm having a hard time falling asleep I get him to rub my tummy and i fall asleep! now i miss him and want to snuggle and have a belly rub lol!
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Oh yes,we boy's all remember our good friend girl friends. Nice
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Whatever works for you. If you are both cool with it that is all that should matter not what we say about you.
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I have to scratch mine while taking a dump iin?
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