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I saw my brother masturbate. It's freaking me out iin??
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Ok so I share a basement room with my brother and I was on my side which is seperared by a bed sheet from his. Suddenly I heard a thumping like a rapid thumping so I looked and I saw him like humping the covers laying flat, his hands were under him and he was making small noicese and breathing super loudly. Then I went back to my side and just sat there trying to consentrate on homework then he went like unggg and like got up changed his pants. And left. It really freaked me out and I don't really want to talk to him cause I can't stop thinking about it. Now during the night before I go to bed I hear him doing it agian and it's gross!!!!!
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You're lucky, I once saw my mom masturbate in my own room. I'm still not completely over that.
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hey its normal especialy since u share a room usualy brothers that share rooms masturbate together its toataly normal u masturbate right try doin it with him the awkwardness will go away
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I say go join him next time.
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I seriously just laughed so hard that I cried. Flat out tell him to knock it off and quit being a perv. If he wants to pull it he can give it a yank in private. If you don't have the balls to tell him you can hear him then leave the room until he is done.
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Oh lord.. Lol
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^ dear God!
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lol oh my. i can understand that it was uber awkward, but you'll have to find a way to get that image out of your mind. you can't avoid seeing your brother forever.
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u should just be like "dude have some respect for me, we share this room so if you want to do ur business let me know and il leave the room for a bit"
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Tell him to shut up.
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No it's not normal that you tried to do homework, you should have given him a hand.
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thats gross
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