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I see people who aren't there
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Out of the corner of my eye, I see all different kinds of people and they are still there when I turn my head to look at them. But after a couple seconds they disappear.
No one else sees them...

They don't bother me, its just a little creepy
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its ghosts\entities\spirits fuck all those people trying to bring their "logic" into this
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I know I might sound hooky, but I think you may be seeing ghosts... Seriously.
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i kinda know what you mean, i think i see people then i realize there not there. it used to happen to me at work. the only thing that weirded me out is that the people i thought i saw would acutally walk into the store later.

i remember the first time it happened, i thought i felt this extremly tall guy behind me. almost an hour later he walks into the store.
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There are few and far between light receptors on the sides of the inside of your eyes. Because of this, we actually hallucinate much of our peripheral vision. When delirious, certain people's brain will often make mistakes and recognize an inanimate object as a human or animal. Our eyes are prone to search out human/animal like objects due to our evolution (noticing these things is rather important if that person/animal is going to make an attempt on your life). This has been happening to me a lot lately, only when I'm tired or overworked. It's nothing to worry about.
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hmmm, sometimes when i'm walking past rooms with open doors, i see glimpses of people... just sitting on the bed, or standing... they're always still... but when i take a second look, there's nobody there, i think it might be a trick of the light, you know how the eye can play tricks when u go from a well lit place to dark or vice versa? u see things momentarily, but... in your case... it sounds like there might be more to it, if they're still there on second glance, but not on third... then... hmmm, if those figures ever start interacting with you... then you have a problem, but as it is, it seems harmless...
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You might have brain disfunction. Signs of epilep
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i know what you mean, but i see dead relatives and people i might meet in the future or have known in a past life i think its acually completely normal :/
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wow this happens to me but you might have ghost following you because i know i did when i was a kid i moved into this house and this old lady had died in the room my mom had before we had lived there and there was a mysterious attic above my moms bed and i always had nightmares about it and constantly thought i saw things while in the room it was really creepy
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You might have the ability to see the dead! Hey can u do a reading on me??? Can u c if a dead person is after me?!?!
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Carry a mini camcorder, attach it to your hat. When something like that happens, review the film. There have been many occasions where someone was investigating a haunting, spoke out into the house, and heard nothing. Then they tape-recorded it, and played it back. The tape had his voice and a different voice answering him.

A widely accepted theory is that ghosts only briefly appear in visible light and Audible frequencies. They constantly cycle through the spectrums. But a camera captures all of this light simultaneously, which is why a camera can see the light from a remote control. If you go to a legitimately haunted house, you'll usually find a distinct concentration of electromagnetic pulses.

So, use the hat camera. If you think you see something, look at the area you think you saw it for a few seconds, then continue on your way. Later, watch that section of the tape. If it was actually a ghost, it should show up clearly, depending on the quality of the camera and the translucence of the figure.

Or, it could be that it's not a ghost, you're just nuts.
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This has happened to me too. I can recall at least 5 different times it has happened. The last time it happened to me, I fell asleep on the couch watching tv with the lights on. When i woke up i was looking at the end of the couch. I could not see the floor on at the end of the couch but all of a sudden i saw a face starting to raise up over the end of the couch. First the forehead then the eyes, mouth, and chin. It was just like some one was starting to stand up. The face was a ghostly looking face. Once it got to the part where the neck should have been visable, it was not there. The neck was just a cloud of something looking like fog. The face kept rasing u until it went into the ceiling and was gone. Even though i have seen similar things to this and finally realized it was not really there, it was enough to start a large internet search on why this was happening to me. I came across a lot of information that it is a sleep disorder where basically you are still dreaming even though your eyes are open. Another part of this sleep disorder is not being able to move while this is going on, although i have not had trouble moving during these creepy experiences many people do. It is all your brain doing it. When you go to sleep your brain sends a singal to your body telling it not to move when dreaming so you dont hurt yourself. Sometimes the brain does not send the signal such as in sleep walking situations. On the othet hand sometimes the brain does not send the signal right away when waking up so you feel like you cant move. I know how scary it can be. I have seen everything from shadow people in my room to a gaint spider repelling from the ceiling directly over me. Each time the object disapered after a few seconds or when i turned the light on. So this does happen to a few of us. Its creepy but nothing to worry about. Its just your brain.
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That's a normal abnormality.
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this exact problem happenes to me for almost a year now
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