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I sharpen my nails.
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To a point. I did it once, cause I was bored, and now they grow like that, so I thought "why not just keep them that way." They've become useful in ways I didn't imagine they would, and I like them better this way. Although, I have to be careful when I'm doing certain things, and occasionally cut or file them down, but it's not that difficult to maintain.
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Same here. I like to scratch other guys in the face during basketball games.
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@: xfg39
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Hey, can you please look at my latest question? Thanks!
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Love it. My hot older sister keeps her nails long, polished, and sharp. We've had a shared nail thing going on for years. I can tell her what colors I want to see on her, scratch me or dig them in (she really goes at it doing that..can draw blood), and even tells me when she's doing them very sharp.

This past Summer, at a gathering, she had her nails to almost a pyramid=shaped point, saying it was fun and wild. Followed her to the finished basement, and told her..Driving me crazy, so, before people get here..USE them on me. Damn, she had me going..
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Why not my husband loves me scratching his back some times I get carried away I have made is back bleed
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