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I shave my armpits
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I'm a man and I shave my arm pits, I preffer not to have a messy bush that just gets sweaty and nasty.
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Comments (7)
Same here. Makes me feel cleaner. Less smelly. No gross deodorant clumps. Only downside: itchy as HELL growing back. Looking stupid keeping your elbows out to stop the razor burn feeling. :/
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Moisturize in the morning? IDK?
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I'm not sure if it will help in your case, but try a razor "for women" which shaves slightly higher than a regular men's razor. It leaves the hair length slightly higher, so it doesn't cause as much irritation when growing back.
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I'm a woman but I prefer for men to shave his pits. Being male doesn't make the bush any less smelly. I know that if I don't shave the little stubble off every day, I'm naturally smellier.
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Same here, I feel that deodorant works a lot better
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i shave mine too
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i shave everything feel much cleaner too
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