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I slept with my straight best friend
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Ok, so I have this friend that I have knows for like six years and he is straight. And every time he talks about his sexual accouters with with women and what he likes the subject would turn me on. And I always had fantasize about having sex with him. And the night of my 21st we got really drunk. and after we got in my bed to go to sleep like we normally do bc I'm too messed up to drive him home. I acted upon theses feelings so I started rubbing on his stuff and started to kiss the out side of his jeans but he was the one who pulled off his jeans and we had sex we even made out. Of course he didn't go down on me or touch me as that much except he gave me a short hand job. The nxt morning we woke up like nothing ever happened and as the days progressed he hasn't replied to any of my txt messages which he always does. And now idk what to do I really hope our friendship is over. Any advice
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he's probably just confused, give him some time.
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text him in a big apology, tell him mistakes were made, tell him how you feel, and tell him if he's got a problem with it that's normal. you may have ruined your friendship here, mate, sorry. I hope you patch things up and that you can confront your true feelings.
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I think he did remember it, lol.
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Text him and tell him how much he means to you as a friend and tell him to text u when he feels like it.
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Text him that you hole-ly enjoyed him last night, butt sexspect that he may have been to drunk to remember it.
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