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I sniff female footwear
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I have this foot fetish since i was young. i tihnk about female feet sweaty and smelly (especially beautiful girls) but i haven't had the guts to make it real till i was 22.. (because i felt that if i find it gross, then i'd find my girlfriend gross too..)

one day i decided to sniff my sister's socks so that i picked her white pantyhose which she wore with her school uniform.. the sole parts were dirty, and i smelled the leg parts for the first go. they smelled perfume.

and i smelled the toe parts, they didn't stink as much as i expected. the smell was a rare sour, vinegar-like smell, which made me turned on..

i never did that again. instead, i smell my friends' girlfriends' and my girlfriend's friends' socks, boots, sneakers. etc.

am i the only one?
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Yeah, pretty common fetish. I read somewhere that feet and footwear together constitue one of the top fetishes that men have (aside from the usual panties, bra, leather, etc.)

For my own experience, I once sniffed the hosed feet of a sleeping girl at a post-prom sleep-over. It wasn't planned. We were all drunk and/or passed out on sofas and the floor, wearing ours suits and gowns still, and it was just a spur of moment impulse. Her feet were shoeless and in "nude" hose, propped on a cushion nearby. I just leaned over and took a closeup whiff. The smell wasn't gross or anything, but it was quite noticeable and (for me) arousing - not unlike what you'd expect given the circumstances. Anyway, my self control at that point was questionable from the booze I had consumed, and the smell was enough to trigger a reaction below the belt, if you catch my drift, so I had to finish my business in the privacy of the bathroom.
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well i like to smell my sisters shoes after she runs or works out i wanna smell her feet i just dont wanna ask her they smell very good and i love to smell them
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I believe you are.
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its a normal fetish
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No, you are not alone, it is just a fetish and no big deal. I don't share the same interest in most of the things you describe but worn women's canvas sneakers turn me on, not new. It's a musty, sweaty scent that I find a turn on. Female feet are liked by a lot of guys, but their footwear even moreso to me.
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Some woman I work with has size 13 feet. She's a right freak. Her shoes are massive and I bet they reek.
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u deff rnt alone... i like the smel of feet sometimes... i usually only smell my own feel tho
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smelling a womans feet is normal Id say but getting a boner of sissys dirt stuff is a bit out of the range of what I would do.
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I LOVE to sniff beautifull girl worn smelly socks. The more smelly and nasty the better:-) I know its a common fetish for many guys!
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quite common fetish -> totally normal
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