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I squeezed one of those small lumps on my nipple blood came out!!!
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I was getting changed when I realised some of the small lumps on my nipples were slightly darker and more zit like so I squeezed one it popped but instead of white stuff coming out blood did! What's happening?!?
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It was a nip-zit. Don't worry about it. Zits can be bloody instead of pussey. It could also have been just one of the normal bumps and you smushed it. Again, no need to worry about it.
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Get it checked now.
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You should see your doctor as soon as possible and get a mammogram.
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I squeezed my nipple with pliers and blood came out
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if this really worries you i'd suggest seeing a doctor about it, they might want to check it but don't worry. it might be embarrassing but it could save your life if you do have something wrong
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