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I think my cousin wants to f**k me
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My cousin and I are very close we hang out all the time. Lately I've been having sexual feelings for her. I think she does too, but I'm not sure. She is very touchy feely with me. I've seen her naked lots of times, she seems to enjoy me seeing her naked. She sometimes flashes me her boobs, which are very nice by the way. I grab her boobs sometimes and she doesn't mind. She like to hold my hand when we go the movies. She grabs my ass sometimes and feels all over my chest. She has put her hand down my pants a couple of times, never touching my penis, but her hand will be inside my underwear. I one put my hand on her leg just above the knee and she took my hand off and said that my hand being there would make her want to jump my bones if we were not related. Whenever we talk about, generally, cousins having sex she says it's gross. Once we talked about giving each other oral, she said she could be cool with it. Two weeks later I asked if we could pleasure each other. At first she said it would be alright, then she changed her mind and said when she gives head she like to f**k and could not see herself f**king her cousin. I tried to convince her and she said she did not feel comfortable. Now I don't want to hang out with her anymore because I can't get these sexual thoughts out of my mind. I'm going crazy. I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this. Especially a female, I would love a girl's perspective on this. I don't know what to do, I'm getting so many mixed signals.
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ew, you are an imbread...
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i find it hard to believe that your cousin who claims to like to fuck after she sucks cock wants anything to do with a relative.if she is fucking other dudes what does she have to gain by fucking a mixed up slighly nerdy cousin?
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fuck off hosebag
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Quit fucking doing that you spastic.
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go fuck that pussy wat u waitin for, in the world everyone gives it up
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well you kno wat if yall both want to fuck each other go ahead...but maybe ur just confusing things with her...try not to think about her and just think of something else and if dat doesnt work well i dont kno if she wants to fuck you let her then again thats your problem and hers....
to me fucking with cousins is wrong but its your life u do wat ever you want too do wit it....
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fuck yall, just go for it
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Well it sounds to me you two maybe teenagers.. and they are normal feelings most people have that one relative that is very attractive that they say to them selfs "if only" well in your case it some one who is a tad bit of a distance relative... heres the deal...

If you dont feel you will have any moral issues then go for it the only reason this type of relationship has become to be discouraged in our culture is do to the risk of inbreeding an issue that you would not have much less even if you did the risk of a defect is only 3%% on avg where in a "normal relationship" the risk is 4%% to 5%% so.. the risk is really not that much greater.. just on another note Charles Darwin andelbert einstein married there 1st cousins.. if its legal and your not going to screw up your career or life go for it!

so in blunt terms so many of the people on here go around saying really dumb shit "she is all most there it sounds like she wishes she could let go enough to do it, so get her drunk if you want to stick your penis in her" and for god sakes use a condom you dont need a banjo boy for a kid....
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Its simple she thinks your hot and would like to fuck you but she is not prepared to go over the line because your related so no cousin pussy for you...

Crank Dat

Oh sorry thats someone elses saying heres mine

stick a crank up yer arse
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