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I think my mom is hot
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I think my mom is very hot and i want to have sex with here really bad. When she is in the shower and leaves the door open i like to watch her sometimes when she gets drunk she leaves her door open when she masterbates i wan to f**k her so bad i stand out side her room and masterbate one time she saw me and let me finger her and she sucked my d***. but she was really drunk and does not remember it.
she is so hot and single? is that bad?
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spam enough about you and your mom.give gizzie a chance to post about his mom once in a while.
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Yeah its bad....but I also think this post is fake.
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um. YES!! for cryin out loud, it's your mother dude...
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dude fuck these guys i have 2 answers for u. #1 have sex with her some more when shes drunk, and if u dont like that idea wich u probably wont cus its not my better solution but heres the good one. get a girl dog and have it lick ur dick it works realy good ull feel so great trust me let me know how that turns out forserious
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