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I think the sight of a woman defecating is hot.
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I really get turned on by the act of a beautiful woman defecating. I know that some people are into scat. Smearing feces all over their bodies, pooping in mouths, poop eating. I'm not ino any of those things.
I am only turned on by the act of female defecation itself. Is that common? Is it common among females? Do any females out there get turned on by someone seeing her defecate?
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the sight of the first inch coming out of her arse that I want to eat mmmmmmmmm women can turn us men on even when they are shitting
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A good Question about why 83% of people think it is normal. I have been sexually aroused by defecation since i was young, like 5 or 6. I would stand outside the bathroom door and jack off listening to the shitting sounds of my aunts, cousins and even my own sister (who i would never want to fuck) Since i am now 58 you can imagine the experiences i have had up to now.
I know that when subjects such as this are brought up there will be a lot of flame and coprophiles (such as myself) will be branded as sick and twisted and should seek immediate help but the fact remains that this fetish is everywhere but it's an automatic career killer if you come out of the closet.
It's now a proven fact that eating your own shit is not harmful providing that you are healthy. Apparently you can also eat other people's shit as long as they are also healthy. I'm not a big eater but i tend to rate women on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being no shit and 10 is shit on my face. Believe me i have met and enjoyed the company of a few beautiful woman whose pussy starts gushing at the mere thought of shitsex
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I also have coprophilia since young ages, about 6 years or maybe even since about 4. I want to get rid of this terrible perversion.
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I guess I will weigh in on this.

Whether a thing is normal depends on several factors, including what you define as normal. If this particular fetish is being evaluated based on how common it is, this site and others, judging from my viewing, seem to point to the idea that many people share it, though I cannot determine if it is most of humanity, or even most human males. If it is to be determined based on a person's behavioral or functional patterns, it depends on how it effects his/her ability to live with it without disturbing him/herself or others. Without passing judgments on any individual, if a given habit or point of interest does not hurt the self or others, whether normal or not, it can be ignored.

As for myself and my interest, I am a middle-aged heterosexual male that happens to be blind, which may have some effect on what stimulates me.

While I am grossed out by observing defecation, at the same time I have had some drawing toard it,
which creates a sort of approach-avoidance conflict. I ought to make it clear that this applies strictly to the act of pooping, and not the poop itself. I have nothing but repugnance for fecal material, and avoid touching or being near it, or even smelling it (except for the first time for any particular person, just as evidence that they recently performed the action, and the reality that they do it is enforced). I can't imagine anyone toilet trained having any positive feelings at the notion of smearing it, have it pooped on him, and certainly not eating it.

Before puberty, the fetish existed, but I am unable to say it was sexual, until that point. Even then, it was not entirely focused, and I would be aroused by anyone, female, male or even myself. Once my sexual orientation was well grounded, it was usually women and sometimes myself. If my sense of hearing (or sometimes imagination) presented me with the sounds of someone entering the bathroom and closing and locking the door, settling on the toilet and the sounds that followed, I would almost inevitably get hard. This applies most to when the defecation is controlled voluntary and deliberate, to exclude anyone with a rush call, or anyone too young to hold it in long term, or at an age where the beginnings of incontinence sets in. I am most aroused when the B.M.'s are firm and audible. I am not so effected by diarrhea, or anything near it. I am less turned on if the person in question is exhibitionistic about it or even shows less of a sense of privacy in their self-relief. It effects me best if the person takes the usual precautions, wishing not to be heard or seen, and I overhear it anyway. Not that I go out of my way to listen in particular. In our society, defecation is something people wish to keep private from others, and I feel it wrong to intrude. I myself take great precautions, making sure that people are not near the bathroom door that there is loud background sound if others are in the house or building (I would normally flush the toilet or run the tap, but my wife, a great environmentalist, hates waste of water, so if she is around, I use a sound generating machine used normally as a sleep aid.), and hoping no one needs to go in before the smell disipates. Besides my repulsion to the smell, I will also hold it in for a while after someone else has been there (how long depending on there being a fan inside, and my own urgency), except after a particular female I might be interested in, and then only once for that person (as a committed married person, who does not want to be stimulated by anyone else, this case is pretty much nonexistent).

As for where it stems, I guess by a long stretch, I am more attracted to women that are normal and imperfect like myself, rather than the larger than life goddess or angel type, and defecation seems to be one of the thing all normal humans have in common.

Fortunately, this is not my only means of stimulation. In spite of my lack of vision, there are other ways to be aroused, so that I need not make such intrusions. Nonetheless, because of the social taboo and not wanting to even subconsciously intrude on others, and because I myself would not leave myself open even to be the stimulant of a woman with a similar fetish (i doubt such exists), I have for years, even decades, been trying to get rid of this thing. Long ago, one person suggested hanging out in a public bathroom while people came in and out to desensitize that way, but I do not have the time for it, nor believe it would work. A shrink suggested that that once I have a regular sex life (I was single and celibate at the time),, it would work itself out. The shrink was partially right, but vestiges of it still linger. I have been browsing this and similar Internet sites, to see how common this phenomenon is, and possibly find a way to get rid of it for good, either by desensitization or coming across a suggested cure.
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Why do 83% of people say this is normal??? Disturbing...
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Seems like a lot of people have this mental short-circuit between sex and waste elimination.
Maybe it's because the two functions are anatomically proximal. Maybe just too many people are conditioned to think sex is dirty.
If you want to indulge your aberrant conditioning, good luck. As for me, I can think of better things to do with a beautiful woman.
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Hi Pfoss,

I’m afraid I have to contend with your reasoning. Yes, it does hold (at least in Freudian circles) that a person’s fascination with bodily functions stems from that individual not having suitably dealt with unconscious sexual conflict during his or her maturation. But I believe this argument points to two interrelated concepts: a) the child is not “choosing” to forgo his or her maturation – certain environmental conditions may present themselves and impede or waylay the “normal” developmental process and 2) it’s become a commonly accepted principle that people do not pick their fetishes. If anything, the fetish (often through happenstance and then association) picks the individual.

So, it does not necessarily follow that the “affected” individual inherently attaches a “dirty” sexual connation with a particular bodily function. Such a qualification more reasonably arises from the individual’s learned conditioning expressed in a society’s socio-cultural mores. And it makes natural sense. Even before the advent of modern science and its accompanying technologies, it was understood that the improper handling of bodily waste led to disease. Hence the labeling of feces as dirty. But to automatically conflate the association of feces with sex as evidence that a particular individual considers sex as something dirty does not necessarily prove true. Nor does it have to naturally lead to a person being classified as aberrant. As mentioned above, sometimes a fetish simply picks the person.
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yup yup, I think your right something to do with sex and it being "dirty"
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I also think its sexy as hell to see a beautiful woman shit or fart. If any lovely ladies have this same fetish, please Skype me at heathhmitchell1996, text me at 16303622626, or Kik me at HeathMitchell1996.
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There is nothing sexual in defecation of attractive woman. If it is sexually arousing for someone, then it is a mental health problem.
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