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I think things then they happen
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Ok so like a while ago i kept thinking 'the fire alarm is going to go off' then 2 minutes later it went off. Then i keep thinking about fainting..then i fainted the other night in bed. Today i kept thinking the phone would keep going off today randomly and it did about 4 times in an hour..
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It's nothing magical. A lot of things happen to me like this, too. I would start thinking of an episode of a show. It would be on my mind, and later that day I'd turn on the T.V. and see that that exact episode is on. It's happened numerous times.
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This happened once to me. I was complaining about a show I liked having ended over a year ago and not 10seconds later a trailer played for its new tv special.
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I predict I'm going to have to shit within the hour
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Things like that happen to me. I think you are just making extremely educated guesses.
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Many of us have some superficial abilities. It hasn't snow for the last 5 years.

On the day before the final, I wish that it snow and it really did but nobody would believe me.

There is a girl that got me in trouble in school for no reason. She accused me of stocking her. I wished that she would throw up in the middle class the next day and humiliate herself. During PE, she got really sick and threw up on everybody (including me unfortunately).

A guy attacked me in the locker room and ran when I got up. I wish that he would die and he died in a crash a week later.

I have a lot more examples, but I just want to say that it's a gift, use it well. (Yes, I know, that last one was bad.)
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But i do belive you are very immature with you powers Whyitsme.
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Sounds like ur psychic to me lol. i dont really belive in that stuff because i have never met someone who told me they could do it. But if they did then who am I to say they are liars? Just because its not probable doesn't mean its impossible. I totally belive WhyItsMe. I htink that its amazing he can do that. People want to deny others can be more special than they are at any cost. I belive that people are typically not that creative. Actually i dont thnk peopl are creative at all. The idea of Psychics had to come from somewhere, I dont thnk anyone just came up with some brilliant idea to say I know the future.
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oh mi god ur beleemik
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sounds like Deja vu kinda...
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I've had this before and trying to harness it but you know you should take a look into "the secret" a philosophy that makes a LOT of sense in your case. There is a movie on it, and if you understand could harness it. Have fun and hit me up if it works out for you! You could become a very rich person...
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It comes with being unknowingly aware, I think. After a few years of getting used to patterns, even patterns you don't consciously know exist, you sort of develop a kind of sense for things. I have watched pro football for more than 12 years. Last year while checking out my fantasy team's stats, I thought that Kurt Warner would throw a TD to Larry Fitzgerald and literally the very next play, that's what happened. Also, if you want something so intensely, the universe tends to give you what you want...
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supernatural really
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If this is an actual ability, there are two kinds:
1) You can see the future or
2) Your thoughts can control the future

Try experimenting and figure out which one you have.
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sometimes my thoughts can control the future.

when i say something, it happens right away or a day after. i think it's weird so i google about this kind of ability. it happens when im not aware of it.
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Hey, I am the same as well!

I've had times where I think stuff and they come true

eg. My cat loves moths and I saw a big one then I thought " Where is she when she, she is missing out" then pop goes the weasel she jumped at the moth and caught it!

and ever since I was about 14 I had trouble waking up for school so I decided to once think " I am going to wake up at 7 am" then at 7am I was awake, never thought of it as something supernatural, I always thought it was just my brain adjusting but I tested it out by thinking different times and at the time I thought I was awake!

It is pretty cool to have some control but I never use it for bad purposes because you know what they say "Be careful what you wish for you"
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Yeah I always have these strange moments when what I'm thinking happens. Ex. I was angry at someone because of certain reason and I wished he would fall down the stairs and break his leg, the next day he said he broke his leg from falling down the stairs.
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Also somtimes when I sleep I get dreams and it happens a few days later. Ex in a dream I was going to get beat up in my school locker room by two jerks. And it happened 3 days later , now whenever I have strange dreams I try to avoid going into those situations. But no matter how much I try a few of them actually happens. And some of them are bizarre
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When I was younger I would get into these blinding rage fits. I would say horrible things, such as: "I hope you get cancer." or "Go kill yourself, no one would care." Only when I say things in rage like that do they often become true. My mum got cancer (I used to yell that at her a lot when I was younger because she wouldn't quit smoking) and a young, good friend of mine killed himself about two months after I said that to him.
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