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I touched my sister...OMG. Encore?
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Alright, here it goes. Every summer I visit my grandfather in Wisconsin. This year, my sister came also (she's actually my half sister and lives with her mom). Anyways, the house has two bedrooms and a foldout couch which I have a habit of building into so-called" forts, being large cave like buildings with a bed inside, and we were forced to share. I accidentally peeked at her changing on day, and...she was hot. (She is two years younger). Sometime into our visit, while sleeping, my foot touched hers, and I really don't know what happened, but what felt like a few minutes later, I was scrunched up behind her with my hand in her underwear massaging her vagina. She didn't wake up, as far as I can tell. I'm visiting again in July, and I want to know, should I do it again?
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do it again score one for the team and tell us all about it
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yh put your hands under her bra and enjoy it like i do
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yea sure
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Yeah man do it! That's hot as fuck.
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So this is an "encore"? As in, we were supposed to have liked your first "performance" SO much that now we're applauding wildly for more?

Well, I vote that we haul out the rotting vegetables and start heaving them at you instead. So, keep your pants on and pack up, son -- they'll be no more bedtime stories for you. And by the way, just in case there was any doubt, your prior actions were a form of sexual assault as your sister was not conscious was therefore was unable to give consent.
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Exactly you shouldn't even joke about this crap,some people can be so stupid when it comes to rape,and sexual assault. I sware I wish every person,male or female, who think when woman get raped that ALL asked for it should be forced to stay in a prison for one night,so they can see what it feels like when it's nonconsensual. JERKS!

-dirt dobbler
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No dont play with your sisters vagina it not very nice,okay.
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