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I try to study and I get very nervous.
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Well, when I study I get very anxious and nervous, it isn't because of perfection, it isn't because of the time, it isn't because I want not to be bored, (I find it boring but I know how important it is, and I try my hardest.). It just happens.

It isn't something I can control, and for getting hold of it: I start jumping around the house and sweating at my chair. It doesn't happen with homework, it happens only when I study.

I can control my emotions very well (anger, guilt...) But when I get to study, I can't concentrate, I can't stop running around the house, I have to ask my mother for help because it's very difficult, but, I get to study well during some of these moments.

I've tried leaving summaries for it being easier, hugging cushions... The ones that worked a bit were hugging cushions and studying next to my mother.

TLDR: Is it normal that when I try to study I get so nervous and active I can't?
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Have you tried mushing your genitals?
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The body can give off crazy physical reactions when the brain doesn't want to do something. It's never going to be easy, but you need to build up some willpower to maintain focus on studying.

You need to train your self-discipline, whether you get there through meditation, through lifting or reading is up to you.
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