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I wanna see my cousin naked
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She is slender, dark complexio and has tight skin. Each time I see her i go crazy. I wait for an oppurtunity to see down ther blouse, between her sleeves to see her armpits. I masturbate a lot thinking of her tight asss too.
But the fact is that i dont wanna sleep with her or something. I JUST WANNA SEE HER NAKED. I guess it will be a one time thing. Im dying to know whats beneath the clothes. At time she notices my weird behaviour which i try to immediately cover up. Im not gonna tell her anything. But yes...if she shows be her body i think i might just die.
Anyone have the same dilema?
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Comments (7)
it's ok you don't have to lie to yourself you want to fuck her in the ass and make out with her
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Don't worry none. You are in good company here. The place is full of adelhepothia's, adelphirexia's and adelphithymia's. You could say it 'runs in the family' lmfao
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LOL. I'm on here, too. It "could" have been me, just trying to piss everyone off to start a war of suspicion amongst you. Or I "could" be a lesbian, just trying to tell the world of my secret crush.

Sorry for the interruption, guys. I'm just sitting around at home on a ton of pain killers, trying to pass the time until I get a diagnosis for what's causing my back to feel like my spine is on fire. I'm just enjoying the fun. Carry on...
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@: JanIAm
lol, you are mine though...right... starts tearing up
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yeah i went threw that with my cousin who is the same age as me, but i never got to see her naked(wanted to so bad though).... but got the next best thing.. her younger sister
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