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I want my aunt!!
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I am 27 years old and my aunt is a very sexy 53 we have more of a friendship realationship than anything and legally she is not even my aunt she was married to my uncle over 15 years ago but they have been long divorced but do to my cousins I do still consider her my aunt. We have a very open relationship for example she has a hot friend that I wanted and she encourged it and she has made comments to me about not needing a man she has a boyfriend with batteries that sattifies her anyways my question is this I have been having all kinds of sex dreams about her and I want to have sex with her even though I know it is probably wrong. I figure if itell her one of two things will happen either she will be into it and will be forced to have sex with her or I will be so embarresed when she turns me down I will stop fantisizing about it so should I tell her??
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I was a little older than you when I even contemplated having sex with an aunt. She was about the same age as your aunt, and a very sexy woman, who enjoyed flirting and dressing to show off. She used to comment to me constantly about how handsome I was, how I should take her to the movies, and she was a toucher. At the time, I was still pretty rocky after my divorce and a long-term relationship that I wanted to continue. When it occurred to me that I could probably go out with her, and even have sex with her without being detected, I got an incredible rush. Maybe it was the fact that an attractive woman was interested in me, or the possibility of "forbidden fruit". However, a female friend of about my aunt's age warned me about how it would be incest, if we were caught it meant jail, and perhaps being labeled a sex offender, let alone the damage to my mom's relationship with my aunt, and my future. I'll tell you what she told me: If you are that attracted to her, fantasize all you want, but don't act on it. Perhaps it means that you are attracted to older women; there are a lot out there, and a lot of cougars are VERY eager to have a young guy as a friend/bedpartner/? I wouldn't tell your aunt; for all you know, she may draw the line at a vibrator, and you telling her may end your friendship with her.
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yes you are right ,maybe if she knows that you desire her that much she will stop being close like before with you,so fantasize her as much as you want but dont tell her your feelings.
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Fantasize all you want (it is one of the most common and oldest taboo fantasies we have), but acting on it could just open up all sorts of grief either right away or long down the road. Keep it in the head and out of the bed, unless you two would be able to start fresh in another country while completely dismissing all familial relations outside of yourselves (mom, dad & everyone else).
Keep her as a friend & have fun with mild innuendo otherwise. Might even be more enjoyable in the long run.
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I think she feels old and wrinkly maybe thats why she just wants a vibrater. Also she may have had enough of relationshipps and just wants to enjoy her independence Im sure if she wanted you she would have done something by now
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