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I want my boyfriend to watch me lick a puusy.
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I really want my boyfriend to watch me lick a girl pussy he doesnt wanna have a three some so aleast he could watch me u know.But also he doesnt wanna do that why do u guys think he dont? Is it normal to feel this way?
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Comments (9)
I'll watch!!
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I think i would want mine to watch but its all too freaky to talk about...
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It could be too kinky for him and might make him uncomfortable. Why don't u ask him
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My girlfriend wants me to have a threesome with her and another girl.
She thought I'd be scared/frightened/shocked when she said she like having fun with girls, but I explained it's a massive turn on so hopefully we'll get it on soon :)
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I would actually like that alot. I would love watching two girls get it one and then fucking them both. I wish my girlfriend would want to lick another girls pussy
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Your horny
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Men think two girls having sex are hot....until they are kicked off the bed...hopelessly ignored and left to jack off in the corner. Oh...and she will never be true to you after...enjoy!
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I would let you lick a pussy, only if i watch. Oh and you gotta blow me after wards so i can get rid the hard on :P
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I think your boyfriend should try it. My girlfriend had been telling me for ages that she wanted to lick another girls pussy and have a girl lick her pussy.. while I watch. She loves us watching hot lesbian porn together and it really turns her on... and me!! The problem was getting another girl to participate. But I was quite sure one of her best friends was into girls cos I had seen her 'jokingly' have a long hot snog with my girlfriend with their hands all over each other at a party. So one night I suggested she get her round for a few drinks. When they were both pretty drunk i told her friend that I had loved watching their hot snog at the party and could they do a repeat performance for me. To cut a long story short...we all ended up in the bedroom. The two girls were going crazy licking each others pussies and asses. I loved watching and they told me to wank off while i watched. Then my girlfriend suggested I fuck her while she licked her friends pussy. It was such a turn on. Your boyfriend doesn't realise what he's missing!!
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