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I want my friends dad
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I love my bestfriend weve known each other for years. I couldnt ask for a better friend than her but I want her dad. Im attracted to older men and her dad just happens to be cute. I notice he wants me more though, he flirts with me when were alone. I though i was just going through a phase until i realized that hes made several passes at me. I didnt just wake up and become attracted to him the more he flirted the more i liked it and the more i start coming around. Its gone farther than flirting though weve already had sex multiple times I enjoy when he takes me to his house and lets me suck his dick for him. im 18 so is my bestfriend and her dad is 35. She doesnt know that her dad picks me up late night on weekends we go out and then we get a room and spend more time together I know we cant have a relationship at least not right now but were feeling each other. I dont know what to do. Should i stop fucking him
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Could I be in his shoes for one night...
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are you local lol i live in CA
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yeah I like older men they no what to do. Make him pay you to. Your 18 and he's 35 he is lucky and why do it and not get paid I'm not saying go get paid by other men to but make him take you shopping or make a down payment on your college.
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I know what you mean. I'm a guy and I love older women. They have more experience. :D
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