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I want my sister
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I think my sister is hot. I am 15 and she is 13. Her breasts are just beginning to develop and that really turns me on. For the last little while I have fantasized about her while masturbating. Is it normal? What do I do?
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Comments (6)
sick freak get help she is your sister... seek help unless you live in ky and it is ok if that is the case...
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you need your wang cut off if you can't control it. Leave your sister alone.. why do you think they invented the internet? PORN! (not really but that's like 70%% of what's on here..) Oh and i'm not telling you to look up incestive porn, IT'S WRONG.
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Find out how she feels towards you? You can try slowly introducing the idea to her. If you play your cards right, it can be a beautiful thing.
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in the words of Mr. Big on Sex and the City "Absa-fucking-lutly!"
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She is interested in sex too. She would like to see your cock. Ask her to play strip poker.
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you are a disgusting poo face.. stop it or you will keep being a poo face. no one likes a poo face. oh yeah and no one likes poo faces who want to fuck their sisters.
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