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I want to explore pyramids and tombs.
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I want to know why the demon possessed guy from the new testament of the bible was so interested in living in tombs and pyramids. There must be some type of energy source that is gained from certain jewels that are cursed. Power at a price is a worthy bargain when your as exhausted as me every day. I want to learn forbidden satanic magic to better myself.
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you need to study under a sorceror who will take you to be his young ward.
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demon possessed people can't stand sunlight, it makes them suicidal.
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your 100% correct. It doesn't physicaly hurt them at all, it just triggers some unbelievable hopelessness and sadness in demonic possessed people for some reason. It probably is some kind of built in reminder from god about the time his son jesus cast them out.
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surplus clones live in pyramids for their entire lives to be studied by scientists and used as guieni pigs for viruses,etc...
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Nah demons are great. Have a picnic with one. You'll see.
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Good luck with your new hobby.
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