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I want to have sex with Lady GaGa
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I want to have sex with Lady GaGa. I'm a straight male. Everyone else I ask says she isn't hot. I don't care. I think she's fucking hot. I'd rather have sex with GaGa then someone like Megan Fox. I masturbate over her nearly every day. I think she's completely hot and want to cum inside her. Is this okay? Why does no one else agree?
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Comments (9)
I think she's hot, too. But I'm a girl.
I mean, she has a big nose and saggy boobs. But she has a huge ass, tight body, beautiful eyes, etc.
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those rumours about Gaga's gender are nonsenses. She's a completely normal woman. Her body is just a little bit stronger than other women's bodies, and the primitive people identify strength with manhood. She's a normal female, and she really looks good ;)
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because everyone else thinks shes a dude or an alien.
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To each his own
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No she's a normal female, but pansexual (or bi)
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watch this and decide for yourself.....
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You better work around her penis.
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How would you even know what to fantasize about? Is it a girl, guy, transvestite, or what? That much mental effort would ruin the mood for me :)
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She's ugly as hell, man. I don't understand why anyone thinks she's hot. However, everyone has their own taste.
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