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I want to have sex with my ex-boyfriend
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I'm with my boyfriend for a year. I love him and i'm happy with him. But when i saw my ex-boyfriend (we still friends), i want him to desire me and i want to have sex with him. Am i normal ?
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I feel the same exact way, and I hate to say that it never seems to get better. I broke up with my ex who I lost my virginity to almost four years ago now, and we still want to screw each others' brains out. I've been in long relationships, and am currently in a wonderful relationship of two years, but the feeling never goes away. I don't know why, and I've talked over this multiple times with my ex. We don't exactly have feelings for each other, but we both have an almost irresistible urge to go crazy. We think it's because we took each others' virginity, and never were able to have sex again. But that's not a sure thing, of course. It's horrible... I wish I could help! I could use the advise myself.
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well, think of all the reasons why hes your ex and maybe that will change your mind.
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Yes, these sorts of feelings are why we're really supposed to wait until marriage for sex (yeah right!) yes I know... how realistic is it in this day and age to get married as a virgin???!? However, when you have sex with someone, especially in a relationship like that, it IS hard and can be confusing. I'd say, though, DON'T do it. For one, it's bad karma to cheat, for two, you will reinforce those feelings you really need to get rid of, plus it's not fair to your current bf.
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Shes not a slut damn. Its just a feeling but u shouldnt go through with it itll just fuck everything up
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Yeah just fuck him, who cares, drink,fight,fuck now thats what I preach.
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Well how would u like it if your boyfriend wanted to have sex with his ex girlfriend? If you love your boyfriend, you would not even consider or want another man including your ex.
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hEy, it's totally natural. Don't be ignorant. Everyone feels trapped in relationships, they are not easy work.
We tend to want to escape for a moment and it might be only once and afterwards we feel shitty. It's a test but don't work yourself up if you fail. Love is in the air and it's a great feeling we deserve. This love might just not be the right one for you.
Love is only as strong as you make it.
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i met my ex after 13 years we had brake up. our relation was maybe pure love, no sexe but sexual virginity was lost with my current husband...but now i have a huge feeling and dream to sleep "fuck" with him and i like to do it in front my husband don't know why?
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it is normal for these things to end up this way but most of the time idont work out right if you want to have sex with him that much leave your other bf first but try an find out if he feels th same first
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can we have sex? im apparently attractive lol
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That last comment was chill till the last part
Hey I think IIN I am currently friends with my ex gf and after 1 year we started to talk then when I was drunk I asked if shed consider remembering the past for a night
I read the texts the next morning and tho she was going after a guy we still had sex
It didn't go far for her and the guy because he's a player but we still talk as friends and have sex twice a week
Why not gave the best of both
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My ex gf still wants to have sex with me. She's already has a bf. So I guess it's normal.
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You slut...
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he probably wants 2 havc sex w ur vagin
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You are a slut.
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