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I want to have sex with my sister's best friend, normal? and advice
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Well, I've known her for the past seven years, she's two years older than me, and she's also the sister of my best friend, I've admited to him about my feelings, and he thinks its ok. I've only started developing feelings for her recently (6 months ago) and can't stop thinking about her (both when having a normal day and when masturbating), meaning I really want to be in a relationship and if I'm lucky, have sex with her. Shes already in a relationship with a guy older than her (by 2 years) for the past 2 years, so if they do break up (hopefully), what do I say to her, because like I said before, I really properly like her; and finally: is this normal?
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yeah it is definately normal. my best friends sister is so hot and 2 years older than me aswell. id love to "do it" with her but it would be so hard then afterwards with your friend(im not refering to your penis) im saying it wud be fare awkard if he found out! best of luck though man!!
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Ya that's totally normal - I've always wanted to have sex with my sisters boyfriend - and yes I'm gay
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You're asking if it's normal to care about someone. Yeah! If they break up (pray that they do haha) ask her to dinner or to get coffee. But only suggest it and let some time pass before your really ask her because she might not take it seriously just after a breakup.
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The title of your story is totally different from the content of it. But, weirdly, my family cover both situations. I went for the sister of a good friend and my brother married our sister's best friend. Worked for him, VERY much didn't for me.

To answer you, though, she's in a relationship. Respect that, and stop planning your future together when it's not really clear that you have one.
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Totally normal to fall for someone you care abouts best friend. I agree with "Dappled", she is in a relationship, and you do need to respect that. Don't miss out on what could be, while waiting for what might be! Good luck'
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well if it dose not work out with her u can always come to me becaus im signal and i dont mind to have a
Lil sex
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He'll beat the sh*t outa you unless your married to her..
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Yeah dude. All guys want to f*ck there friends sister or your sisters friends. It's beacouse there really hot
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I'm confused! Your sister's best friend or your best friend's sister? Or both?

Well, it is okay, but the person you need to clear it with is the female in question, not your sister or the girl's brother. As long as they don't find out, it is no problem and none of their business. The would-be sex is between you and her, not them. Of course, if you two are indescreet and they find out anyhow, there could be some problems, but really still it should be none of their business. So the guy says, "Damn you, s.o.b.! You fucked my sister!" Like, so? What if I did? What's it to you? You don't own her, you know! Well, some brothers do seem to think that they do. I know my wife's brother was that way. He wanted her incestuous pussy all to his raunchy self. Selfish bastard! And he had a girlfriend too. Talk about wanting to have your cake and eat it, lol.
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Unless it is ONLY because she is your friend's sister.

Not neccessary to wait completely for some break-up that may never come-- what if she too is more interested in YOU.

Not in writing. Tell her that if things ever change that you would like to go out with her. Not threatening at all is it? Simple. And say no more about it to her ever.

By the way. You might read about the George Harrision - Eric Clapton "Layla" story. Look it up.
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I'm a girl and I'm dating my brothers friend (: he is 2years older. But if you do get the chance drop small hints to her, and flirt! If she like you to you will deffenatly know(:
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Yeah Im the same way Ive alwys wanted to get with my sisters best friend.
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Its 100% normal.....fucking older galz is actualy a measurement of your capabilities....!
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its really normal ya.if the girl is really hot you will get this type of feeling.u have to get it as u r a man.that too fucking older girls than your age will make you understand your strength.because older girls really need some strong and powerful if she is interested in sex with you u have give full satisfaction to her sexual need.tell her your feelings.
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One of my brothers friends in high school (who is 2years older) liked
Me and asked me out and went so far as to buy me a necklace (which I returned to him straight away) and I said no. It would just be way too awkward. Well it would've for me anyway, everyone's different though. I'll suggest though that while she has a boyfriend, keep your feelings to yourself
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Yeah it is normal I've wanted to have sex with my sisters friend for years she's also my neighbour she had huge tits and a big ass and she always wears right jeans to make her ass stand out and t shirts which make her boobs look so big and juicy everytime I talk to her I try not looking g at her boobs but they so big and I akways ens up looking at am she always stares at my cock when she sees me I know she wars me everytime um playing black ops in my room she will walk in all I want to do is get her in to the bed squeeze her boons suck am lick an bite am bite am u mmm ahh yeah zakiyyah get those big boobs out for me let me fuck am I want her to bounce on my cock but all I can think about is her boobs and how I want to bite her nipples and squeeze an please zakiyyah come to my room in your bra and panties and let me fuck you squeeze them tits u mmmm nice and hard I Wabt hee to suck my cock please zakkiya let me luck you all over and fuck you in every hole
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