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I want to kill my father.
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I really want the motherf--ker dead. Sure, he works to keep a roof over my head, but the amount of times he's threatened to kick me and my sister out is too high to count.

He's a stubborn, hypocritical, emotionally abusive A-hole.

He's fatter than me, and he calls me a "fat, lazy, worthless waste" he tells me "I wish you were never born" and is always telling me what to do, what I can and can't do. even though I'm an adult now. (but still live at home)
He goes out of his way just to irritate me, he's like a petty f--king 5 year old.

He doesn't beat me, or at least, not often, though he has done before, even when I was young. He's more emotionally abusive than he is physically - which in my opinion, is worse.

I've ended up with dissociation and schizoaffective disorders, as well as a crap ton of anxiety issues. I can't talk to people or socialise like a normal person. All because of him telling me I would never be anything useful or worth anyones time, ect, ect. He's basically a huge bully.

I have fantasies of killing him in varying violent ways, and when I say violent, I mean extremely violent. I've been told I may have socipathic tendencies about it.

Is this a normal way to feel? I don't have any hate for my mother, or any other member of my family, just him. I'm not violent towards anyone but him, I'm happy and normal with my family (besides him) and the few friends I have.

I am trying to get help, but in all honesty, the therapists I have are patronising and useless...
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Comments (8)
Leave his house and never be back.
I wonder why are you still there? Just leave. That's the solution. You should have left when you turned 18.
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How old are you? Leave?
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Yeah whatever, Luke Skywalker
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You're old enough not to live with him. Violence is not the amswer. I know this seems a bit weird for you anyway, but you got to do is have a sit down and tell him how you feel, let everything out, if that doesn't work, then talk to another member of the family about. If you are old enough, work and get some money to buy a house of your own
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You are an adult. Take care of your own life for once. Move out. If you want help for you mental issues then you have to actively want to get better and actually work for it.
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Stop bitching and grow a pair of balls. Your Father is right, as long as you sit around and sponge off him you will amount to nothing!

Killing him is not the answer you are looking for, take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror and start there!

You have two options, get the fuck out his house and find yourself a meaningful job...OR kill him and go to prison and live with regret for the rest of your meaningless existence!
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Talk to him about what you'd like to do to him.
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Get a job. Spend most of your free time there. Save up lots of cash. Move out. Never deal with him again.
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