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I want to kill somebody...
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Ok, I have a medium fuse when it comes to anger. But when I do get mad at somebody, I LITERALLY want to kill them. And in past fist fights I have been in, I have always just gone blank. And not been able to stop punching them. And I always just black out when I get there. I'm scared I will hurt somebody. INN?
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Sounds as if you need to get yourself to Anger Management before you do kill someone and end up in jail
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No its not normal,and is
extremely disturbing
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Kill me, I'm too ill to function
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I would suggest seeing a therapist before it gets even more out of hand
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Get a pillow, draw a face on it, then punch it hard as you can. Or if you want to KILL,then kill ants,there are too many ants in this world.
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Sorry to hear you feel this way. I would suggest you get help.
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Do you want to spend the rest of your life in prison? Think on that. Some people are not worth your time, be the better person.
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