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I want to smack a big male dog in the face with my penis
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Sometimes, I have the urge to just go up to a big dog, pull down my pants and use my penis to whip the dog gently in its face, not so much as it would injure the dog, but just so it has the "?????" reaction for a few seconds before going back to his/her everyday activity unharmed (after all, he/she won't know what is going on). I have NO sexual attraction to dogs, and I am not gay, but I just want to do this. Is this normal?
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Not normal but funny as hell sorry i am amused
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Sorry, I meant he and him, not him/her or he/she, since I wanted it for a male dog.
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50% normal
Seriously...that high?
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Now I've seen it all.
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I wouldn't unless you wanted to lose it. I'm sure a large male dog would bite it off if you hit it against him.
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