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I want to work at a daycare but I'm filled with hate
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There's a potential job opportunity and I have experience babysitting. I'm actually good with kids. But I have a lot of issues. IIN for a messed up person to work with kids?
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Everybody has something going on in their personal life and most people remain professional despite that.

But...since we're talking about children here, perhaps you should get into therapy for the support, so that maybe you can overcome your issues and at least have an outlet. You really need to make sure you don't blur the lines when dealing with the defenseless like children, animals or the elderly. You don't know how the stress of the job may affect you.
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Stay away from children and other vulnerable people until you get your mess cleaned up. What's stopping you from working on these issues?
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@: Ellenna
It's internal. I am okay on the outside. I never hurt anyone.
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Well then i wouldn't worry about it
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I've done it and Im "messed up" as well but i get along with kids and don't wanna hurt them
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If you like kids and have experience with them then you should be fine.
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If you have Borderline Personality Disorder, better find a different job.
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