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I was caught jerking off
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It was late at night about 2am and I had just finished writing a paper. I was soo tired and needed a shower bad so I got naked so I can get in the shower. I am standing naked in my room and I looked down at my d*** and realized I hadn't jerked off in a while and I could use some relief. Everyone was asleep so I thought it would be a perfect time to stroke the chicken. I watched some porn to get my d*** hard and horney then I took my pocket pussy and KY Jelly and went in the shower to f**k it. (pocket pussy is a fake pussy, it’s tight and feels like the real thing!! it’s amazing!!) The second I got in the shower I started f**king the pocket pussy. I cummed about 5mins later and cleaned it out and put it down on the corner of the tub. I continued my shower for about 15mins later and went to bed. The next morning my dad took and shower and went to downstairs for breakfast. Then my sisters and stepmom got up to take a shower. I was lying in bed when I heard my sister asking my stepmom what was in the shower. I had no clue what all the commotion was about but I continued to sleep. No one had touched it but they had no clue what it was. (It was flip over so they couldn’t tell from their view) A few minutes later my sister comes to my room and asks me "Rick did you forget something in the shower last night" Immediately I remembered that I left the fake pussy toy in the shower the night before. I ran to the bathroom and took it out. My sisters are still asking me what it was because they are still unsure. I am soooo embarrassed. They will all be home in a few hours and I still haven't come up with an excuse yet. My dad is the first one who took a shower this morning and I'm not sure if he realized it or not. If he did what should I say when he asks me about it? Has anybody been in this situation? Got any ideas??
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Comments (14)
Your dad probably fucked it LOL
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The moral of this story is don't use sex toys in places other people use when you're too tired to think to put them away.
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ehehehe I got the same problem too not just once but twice. My lil sis cleaned the room and I told her to clean my room too. Later on when I got home I suddenly remembered I left the toy on my bed under the pillow. I freaked out and asked her where is it. She pointed to the backpack and said there. It was on top of it and it right near the door. I hope nobody see it. But yeah no one asked me anything so I ignored it too. I feel so embarrassed because I'm a girl, I need to put it away and keep secret but I just got tired at night and felt asleep. Well I'm happy that you and I have the same problem. hehehehe
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I think you should tell your sister I am sure she masturbates, maybe she can help dissolve this for you. We are all human I don't think its a big deal.
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Maybe your dad used it too.
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just say it was a water toy! hmmmm, and u were using it to....

oh fuk just say to ur family that u were about to ask the same question to them , and when they ask what it was telle'm u dont know and that u throw it away..
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Next time, try screwing a toaster in the bath. But make sure you run an extension from another room, so you're not using the GFI power outlet in the bathroom.
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Yes, say nothing and explain nothing. You aren't the first person to get found out about sex toys. There are tens of thousands of vibrators in households and many get discovered by an unintended family member and then it's usually the females that feel embarrassed. The less you make of it the sooner it will fade away and be forgotten.
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tell the truth
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Don't Sweat it, all adults , male and femal, all masterbate one way or another , "often" weather they have a mate or not ! In My first year of Collage my Room mate had a Steady Girl Freind and they has sex often, But he lie there in his bed just about every night or in the shower in the morning jacking off, Since we were both Guys, we diden't hide it, but actully watched porns and jacked off at the same time , of course guys don't ever talk about that to anyone , It's a Understood Guy Thing, But like the other writer said, just ignor it ,and Your DAD proboboy jacked off with it too, just ack like it nothing or Normal, and they will too
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Jerking in the shower... normal, getting caught jerking it... normal, having lube to jerk it with... normal, having a pocket pussy to jerk off with... Not normal, if you need something other than your hand to get relief, get some real pussy, not a rubber imitation, it's kinda creepy
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Don't talk shit. Pocket pussy is great, google sex in a can, its great fun why the he'll should girls have al sex toys to play with. Enjoy growing up enjoy exploring life & times.
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