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I watch my boyfriend jake off...
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Is it normal that i hate giving my boyfriend hand jobs or blow jobs and i just make him do it?

I love when he does me, but I can't stand it when he wants me to do it to him.

While I sit and watch tv, he is jaking off and asking for a sock.
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Comments (9)
Something must be wrong for him to stay another minute with you. I would never say this, but I bet (and hope he does) have a hot babe who makes him truly feel like a man.
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how do you JAKE off?! lmao!!
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Each to their own I guess.

I don't consider myself in any way submissive, but sexually, my GF definitely has a good thing going. I go down on her all the time, sometimes every day, sometimes every couple of days. Blowjobs? Not very often. But she loves sex so we have interouse 2 or 3 times a week at least. She's admitted she just prefers receiving and I honestly don't mind; I love going down on her anyway but she is so aroused and turned on when I do that I've realised I have a very sexy, sexual girl on my hands as long as I keep her satisfied.

Like any good thing, she takes full advantage of it and we both know it. Like, she will put on a short t-shirt and nothing on her legs, knowing I'll go down on her before we even go to bed, or she gets on top of me, I know she intends on moving up to sit on my face. But it's all good, she tastes great anyway
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Deal breaker.
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You selfish bitch, blow your boyfriend for Chrissakes, before he starts cheating on you.
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Jake off thts a new one. Maybe u dont have the confidence? Try enjoying it and the different feelings u get while doing it. Just picture that hard dick pounding u
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Lol. Its jack off, not jake off.
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When I was younger I wasen't into eating pussy ,Oh I did sometimes but as I got older I stared to enjoy it more I guess you get wizer as you get older My tongue has gotten me into some realy great places LOL
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that's interesting =D

then again maybe I just find it to be so interesting because I'm totally into femdom
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