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I weigh more in the morning than at night, is it normal?
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When I weigh myself in the morning I weigh a couple pounds more than I do at night, I mean this is before I've eaten and after I've used the toilet, is it normal? Why would this be?
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normal cuz everyone happends to eat spiders or flies at night that crawl in your open mouth
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Thats retarded, youd have to eat like a whole barrel of flies to put on weight
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Completely normal. For whatever reason everyone's body weight fluctuates (randomly changes) a couple pounds from morning to night.
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Good to know :)
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I'm guessing you generally have something to eat within 3-4 hours of going to bed. The process of digestion/excretion is rhythmic and the time you are lightest is dependant upon your eating/drinking patterns.

If you avoid alcohol and stimulants and don't eat for six hours before bed, you'll generally be lightest after using the bathroom in the morning.

However, everyone's weight fluctuates by a pound or two throughout the day. It doesn't matter in the slightest. If you are watching your weight and your eating habits are stable, just weigh yourself at the same time each day.
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Yeah, it's normal.
However weighing yourself two times a day isn't. Not even every day, you are supposed to do it weekly.
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drummerguy - agreeeed
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Normal. Your weight fluctuates because of the gravitational pull of the moon. Just like ocean tides.
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dont feel bad about that, I weigh more in the morning than everyone I know.
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