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Ideas for meeting women. Is my fantasy plausible?
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In my life i do pretty decently, I have a decent job which i make a good income with (for a college student), and in a good university program that only has a few more years left until completion and i think a charming personality. Although I do have some good things, I still need a jewel in my crown, a decent girlfriend.

So anyways, i have had many problems finding a way to find quality women. I tried tinder but all of the girls are trash and really egotistical relative to how they look. My college is very fragmented, most people just come and go very quickly and My plans for getting to know and date the girls who sit near me in class have gone bust because the best ones have boyfriends and the others sit closer to those they already know well. Its a disaster. Even my plans to meet women at a school club (meditation club) have failed because apparently what i thought would be a free club and great opportunity to meet nice women who are nice and open turned out to be a club packed with guys that costs $20 per session. I have no idea what to do, i need many many many more ideas, i don't even mind the out of the box or unconventional ones.

One of my greatest fantasies that i have wished would come true for years was for me run into a gorgeous girl walking home from work/school her being alone and me too, I could introduce myself with a convo starter and build on that, no being nervous because there would be nobody else there other than her to see my embarrassment if i fail.

There have only been two occasions when this happened and i think i blew it both times. One time in high school when this cute girl who looked kinda like a young Natalie Portman kept pestering me trying to find out my name while attempting to get me to sit with her and hang out, i was dumb and for the most part and instead told her i was too busy and had to get home. I never saw her again in the neighborhood. The other time, which was more recently these two French girls who appeared to be students studying abroad were the only other people sitting at a bus stop with me. I had just got a new haircut and was reading a news paper article about Donald Trump. The girl then out of nowhere spoke English and said "what did Trump do this time" I like a genius assumed she was talking to her sister and ignored her. I got the burning feeling that the more they talked the more they were trying to interact with me, after it i realized how much i failed. What should i do, my dating life needs emergency attention, it is a joke at this point.
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You have the right idea. Try a hiking trail early in the morning, you'll usually run across a couple of nice-looking women. Just wait behind a tree and jump out in front of them when they pass.
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@: xfg38
do guys really do this because i meet one of my ex's by jogging.
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Well the old saying is third time lucky don't give up you will find the right girl you cannot rush it .i had 3 ex boyfriends before I meet my husband and we have been married 33yrs so it will happen
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Don't be desperate. Don't sound desperate. They have a sense for that. Be casual, like nothing could ever happen between the two of you. Make her feel safe, but don't friend-zone her...
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Very rarely do I feel the need to make both of my book recommendations in the same post. "No More Mr. Nice Guy" and "How to Win Friends and Influence People". If you don't get a better grip over talking to women after those, you didn't read them.
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