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If someone shoots me in the arm, should I be grateful?
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Should I be grateful because:
A) they didn't shoot me in the head
B) someone else in the world was shot in the head

Let me know if this is a legitimate, normal form of manipulation. Thanks.
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Comments (10)
Nope. You shouldn't be grateful.
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Nah, it's manipulation & justification, just like being "grateful" that you got a ticket but at least you weren't arrested. It's an easy mental trap to fall in to. Regardless, in and of itself, it's still a bad situation. Relief is suitable, but not gratitude.
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And the prize for stupidest question of the year goes to...
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Depends on situations obviously
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Yes and no.....
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Depends. Was there a spider or something on your arm?
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Well I prefer to be shot with heroin in the arm, in the head would be to much of a "head rush" and my body could possibly crash!
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If I was shot in the arm, I wouldn't be thinking on the bright side. I'd be thinking of how I'm going to get the other person to pay my hospital bills.
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Sure. Why not?
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Who the fuck would be grateful for being shot in the arm!?
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