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If you hang out with your parents a lot, is it unattractive to women?
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They're old and don't have much time left. I feel that women's petty relationship dramas are stupid and I don't really want to invest time in it when people I care about are dying.
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I think it depends on the woman, or man in my case, as to whether or not your attitude about dating is normal. I wasn't unlike you in my attitude toward guys before I met my partner. He's asked me what I would do if it didn't work out between us, and I said I'd I'd move back to where my folks are to be near them, because they're pushing 80, and I only have one set of parents.
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No idea. Personally I'd find your immature attitude towards women would be very offputting, whereas the fact that you care about your parents an attractive trait.
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See if they want to have a foursome with you and your parents. That will make them want you.
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Do whatever makes you happy.
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Personally I think it's cute, If you feel that women's drama is stupid then why do you care what they think?
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Women they will come and they will go. Plenty of fish under the Sea.
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If you are dependent on them and not doing anything else then you are the problem. If you just want your gf to visit them with you once a week then that is understandable. Really depends on the situation.
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I'm sure anyone worth knowing would find it a good thing that you care about your parents. It's also a sign you would be caring about them or any potential offspring.
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