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IIN Basketball highlights make me cry?
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I used to play ball in high school (Graduated in 2013) I'll still play pick up games every now and then and i feel i'm decent, not as good as I used to be. I would of been good enough to keep playing after HS if I stuck with it, but basically I have a strong connection with the game maybe others might not understand. When I heard Kobe was retiring this year, I decided to look at the top plays of his career.... because why not? He's one of the GOATS (greatest of all time). I ooed, awed, and grunted, as I saw all of the vicious posterizer dunks he put on guys. I mean, I was really getting into it.... I don't know what it was, maybe it was my respect for him and the game, the beauty of his craft, or the fact that I was one years old when he got drafted in the league and it makes me feel old, but after the video chills were running through my body and I started shedding tears. I decided to watch more top 10 play videos of other great players and the same thing kept happening, chills and tears. Anyways, I'm not an emotional person what so ever, this may be one of two things that can make me cry... the other being a really good movie. My real life situations that involve me would never make me shed a tear even if things are rough. Anyways, IIN that basketball highlights make me cry? Leave your thoughts. Thank you!
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No, it's not normal.
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lmao ur strange
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Maybe you're very passionate about the game.
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I cry too sometimes when I watch NBA highlights. But they are tears of joy. Seeing all of those black guys with well-paying steady jobs is a thing of beauty. :-(
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