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Iin being falsely accused of something really bad
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I am being accused of doing something very serious to my nephew. The kid is really little so he can't refute any of it. I didn't do it. I am willing to pass a lie detector to prove I didn't do anything like that. I am gay but I would never do that to a kid. I can't believe people still think that.But I am being treated like a guilty person.My crazy sister called up the school where I worked and now I no longer have a job.

I am being threatened and harassed by my neighbours and had my car keyed the other day. I can't go out to eat anywhere because they will do gross stuff to my food because she has shown my picture everywhere.she hasn't called the cops but keeps taunting me and saying that she will. I am thinking of just disappearing my boyfriend and I. I had a consult with a lawyer and he basically told me it is all downhill from here. My sister does stuff like this all the time for attention.
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Pretty sure what your sister is doing is illegal. If you are innocent then take action against her. Fucking take her to town. If it's proven she slandered you then not only could she get punished but it MIGHT help your reputation, however it may be beyond repairable now. False allegations like that can stay with you until you leave the area which is why false accusations should be very high up on the prison sentencing scale as it can ruin lives and even result in the person taking their life, which I hope you don't resort to.

Take her to court. Ring that cunt up.
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Your sister is one giant bitch. She's literally ruining your life over a lie. I would get as far away as possible from such a monster. Don't tell anyone (not even your parents) where you go.
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You have a useless lawyer: did h/she not mention the possibility of action (or even the threat of it) for slander and/or libel? That usually stops malicious untrue gossip, but you may still have to leave the area to get away from it.
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your sister sounds like a sociopath. she obviously doesn't want to get the police involved because there's a chance of her getting caught out, if she was going to call them she would of done it by now.

i say go to the police yourself, maybe try to get a voice recording beforehand of her saying she's making it up or something, or just ask to take a lie detector test. then you can fuck that bitch up
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you should leave and start over.My husband is a lawyer for the innocence project and this kind of crime is the hardest to prove your innocence. You do not want to spend the rest of your life in jail as a child molester.
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I have a schizo sister too. She enjoys destroying lives. You must completely cut her out of your life. Fear of physical consequences will help her to behave.
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If you haven't been arrested then you still have options.
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I should do this to my fatass step daughter so she will be out of my way....she is the only thing wrong in my life right now
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I am so, SO sorry. You simply can't let your sister get away with this. Drag that bitch to hell and never look back!
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murder is your only option
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