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IIN best friend ignores me?
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I've known this friend for around 6 years, we use to talk everyday on skype and I often visited her. (btw we are both girls) We would do nearly everything together, and she was one of my closest friends. She has recently dating a boy however, and ever since has been slowly ignoring me. I'm the one that always had to start the conversations, but now she wont even reply to me. I don't send her constant messages but it's usually just a hello or asking how she's been, but I get no replies. Because of this I've stopped mesaging her because I'm scared I'm being annoying.

I'm really upset about this because I only have a few friends because I'm shy and it's really sent me in a depression because she wont talk to me. It's been about 2 months now, I just don't know why she doesn't want to speak to me.
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So sorry to hear that. My best friend had the same issue with one of his other best friends, he got a girlfriend ahd just ...withdrew.

I feel as if your so called friend is a real shithead.

Of course a boyfriend will take up a lot of time but she should manage to balance her time between the two of you.
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Same opinion as saint. Only way she'll act as a friend again is if they break up, have trouble, or if she learns how to balance relationships.

Basically, she'll come crawling back if she needs a support group.
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A lotta people doesn't know that they are hurting their true friends because of paying too much attention to a relationship. They want to feel worshipped by their object of love and none else (cuz it actually feels great!) but do not realize they are losing their most priced thing: A close friend. Don't feel bad about yourself, cuz it's not your fault. Wait for her to notice that you are important for her (remember that she's in love and that she's being moved by irrational chemical impulses and shit that she's seen in movies), and maybe she'll come back to you. Or she and her stupid boyfriend can Fuck Off And Die if she just won't reply ever.
Cheers and love!
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That's very sad but unfortunately very common when immature women dump everything for a relationship with a bloke.

It's sort of normal to withdraw from other connections at first, but to not speak to you at all when you've been best friends for so long is very immature and stupid of her; who's she going to turn to if/when things go bad? The new boyfriend may be possessive of her and not want her having friendships, in which case she's in real trouble down the line.

It's ok to only have a few friends, especially if you're shy: focus on them, stop trying to contact her and you will be able to move on from this, even though the memory will probably always make you sad.

I hope you mean sad rather than depressed by the way: they are two different things and it's normal to be sad when we lose anyone we value, but it is part of life.
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I'm sorry, but you're dealing with a fake friend. My advice is to either ask what her deal is with ignoring you or just straight up leave her. No one deserves being ignored by friends
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