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IIN black lion?
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I went on a holiday to a romate part of africa and while driving i saw this black lioness, it was literally like the color of the night sky or something and it had blue eyes!!! i never saw anything like it but i had no camera with me in the car and i still had like 2 hours to drive to the place i was staying at and everything else was just bush land.

i drove around the same spot the next day (with my camera) but unfortunately i couldn't find her again. so is this normal? i tried googling it but all it came up was photoshopped pictures of a lion
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It was probably a leopard you saw, not a lion. I don't think black lions exist (might be wrong) but there are black leopards in some parts of Africa. It's similar to how you get black jaguars in The Americas.
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it was definitely a lion, she was to big to be a leopard and she had the tuft on the end of her tail
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black people are scary
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Black Lioness Matters?
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I have never seen or heard of a black lion before. I have seen many black panthers but never a black lion...
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