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IIN diarrhea for a week?
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It started last monday, that was when it was the worst and it was literally just liquid. Over the days my stomach has still been feeling constipated, and when I go to the toilet it is solid however it is not normal and it's more runny/soft and is in small pieces. This has been going on all week, I am not sure what could be the cause as I haven't changed my diet at all or done something.

I tested it out to see if it was what I was eating by just eating 1 meal yesterday and drinking just water, but I still had soft/small pieces of poo and feeling constipated. My stomach doesn't always feel upset, only when I need to go and it's a sharp pain in my bowls and I feel like bloated.

The only thing I can think of is I either picked up a stomach bug or it's the water I'm drinking, since I only drink bottled water and I got a new brand I've never had this week, and it's started ever since I've been drinking the new brand of bottled water. Should I go to the doctors? I am a bit embarrassed about talking about it but it hasn't gone away so I don't know what to do. I've also been eating healthy, I don't eat sugary/unhealthy stuff, just fruits n veg and stuff.
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go see a doctor. No one on here will be of any help
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You have AIDS and you're going to die.
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Get some adult diapers
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I had liquid diarrhea for a few days after my horse fucked me for hours.
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